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What Is Low Pressure House Washing?

Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to live, however our climate provides the perfect environment for organic growth to run rampant. Homes in this region can often be seen with green growth (algae), black streaks, and moss invading exterior surfaces. This growth can greatly reduce the lifespan and integrity of outside finishes and substrates. Our house washing service will neutralize and remove this unsightly growth along with dirt, road dust, cobwebs, and other contaminants. The soft wash method we use will ensure we do it safely and responsibly.

Benefits Of Our Greensburg House Washing Services

House washing in Southwestern PA makes a huge difference! Maintaining the appearance of your home or business by having us clean your exterior surfaces is one of the simplest and most instantaneous investments you can make. Keeping exterior walls, soffit, fascia, trim, and outside living spaces free from organic growth and other contaminants is sure to create a fresh, bright look that you can be proud of.

Soft washing utilizes low-pressure and special soaps to ensure a safe and effective clean. Soft washing has become the industry standard when cleaning exterior surfaces. Whether cleaning vinyl, wood, brick, or stucco, soft washing eliminates the damage associated with high-pressure.

House washing in Southwestern PA is something we strive to excel at. We deliver a pleasant and professional approach to everything we do, aiming to provide the best customer experience possible. From the first time we speak until after the project is complete, we do our best to go above and beyond. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will work with you to resolve your concerns. We also back all of our house washes with our standard warranty.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to house washing in Southwestern PA, choosing a professional company is paramount to having a successful experience. Sadly, in the cleaning industry there exists a mentality that more is better; more pressure, more chemicals, more power! With the utilization of the soft wash method and proper training, our team at Carson’s Exterior Cleaning & Pressure Washing has the ability to provide our customers with an incredible clean and strong peace of mind. We understand the limitations of the surfaces we clean and the specifications set by the building material manufacturers. We also protect each and every property by covering all electrical components and thresholds. All of our house washes are warrantied and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Brian Casey

House Washing In Greensburg

We are very happy with the results from Carson’s exterior cleaning and house washing. When the sun came out I could barely look at our house it was so bright. Our driveway, which is over 20 years old was dirty from years of use, now it is as white as our house. The service arrived on time, covered all valuable plants and exterior lighting, and was gone before noon. We will be putting them into our regular cleaning routine.

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Stacy James 6ky

House Washing Greensburg

Messaged Carson’s Cleaning last week to schedule a cleaning on our old (new to us) farmhouse… the white siding was turning green and the gutters were plugged shut with leaves and growth… Stephen came out within the week and spent the entire afternoon thoroughly cleaning our home! The white siding looks brand new!!!!!! I didn’t even know it was possible to make it that clean! Our gutters are completely clear and all of the green is gone! Stephen cleaned thick moss off of our roof and sprayed our back deck. The house washing results were truly amazing and far more than I could have imagined was possible!!!! At an amazing price! Very professional. Will recommend to everyone we know! Thanks again Carson’s Exterior Cleaning!!!!

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Debbie Driscoll

House Washing Greensburg PA

My house was moderately dirty. The siding had been painted and I was told not to pressure wash it. Stephen assured me his cleaning method was gentle. He went out of his way to cover all 4 sides of the house as it as totally outlined with flower beds. He did an excellent house washing job, cleaned up spotlessly and my house looks so much better. I would not hesitate to use him again, great work at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked
House Washing Questions

When our technicians arrive at your home they will begin by hooking up to your home’s water source. They will then do a property protection walk where they will be taping electrical components and thresholds with non-residue tape. The technician will then begin washing your home by applying multiple coats of our proprietary soap at a safe, low pressure. After our soap is allowed to dwell, the technician will then thoroughly rinse. This process will be repeated as needed.

Our House washing services are priced based on a few factors. Some of these factors include size of home and difficulty of services needed. We will always talk through the pricing with you once we have the information we need and will never start without you knowing the final price.

Generally speaking, the surfaces cleaned during our house washes include exterior walls, trim, soffit, fascia, porches, porch ceilings, and exterior of gutter systems. Also included is our standard warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

House washing in Southwestern PA should be completed as often as necessary. Living in a climate such as ours means that our homes are likely to attract moss and algae often. Many of our customers prefer scheduling an annual cleaning. However, we are happy to talk through your personal situation and offer a suggestion on how often your home may require service.

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